Nae Caranfil‘s “Closer to the Moon” offers an absurdist take on a real event: an audacious 1959 bank robbery carried out by high-ranking Jewish members of the Romanian Communist Party, who pretended they were shooting a movie.

Led by a high-ranking police officer (Mark Strong’s Max Rosenthal) and the political academic Alice (Vera Farmiga), the five friends had been wartime resistance fighters and later attained prominent positions in the Communist party.
Hollywood Reporter

The twist here is that Rosenthal is forced to re-enact his heist for a propaganda film before being executed. Farmiga will play his lover and mother of their child, who lives in Moscow but returns home as all this takes place.

“Closer to the Moon” e un film care va stârni tot soiul de controverse, mai ales din pricina subiectului, dar şi pentru că abordarea e neaşteptat de relaxată – poate un pic prea relaxată,date fiind aspectele tragice ale poveştii. E un pariu riscant din multe puncte de vedere: oamenii trebuie să accepte convenţia de limbă şi mai e şi problema evreiască, rar dezbătută în filmele româneşti.
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